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OTHS Athletics-Compete Fiercely, Lead Boldly, Love Strong!

O'Fallon Twp. High School


OTHS Athletics-Compete Fiercely, Lead Boldly, Love Strong!

O'Fallon Twp. High School

OTHS Athletics-Compete Fiercely, Lead Boldly, Love Strong!

O'Fallon Twp. High School

Girls Varsity JV Track

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Team News

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Girls Track Pre-season Info


Mission:  To have a program in which athletes excel in track and field by setting goals and developing the mental and physical approach to achieve those goals.

Philosophy:  If successful, the athletes will enjoy competing in track and field and will work toward individual goals as well as team goals.  The athletes will understand the price of achieving excellence, the value of the team, and the importance of being a productive and supportive member of that team.  The athletes will understand the importance of work ethic and determination.  The athletes will excel on the track and in the classroom.  The qualities of leadership and good citizenship will be passed on to the athletes so that they may have a positive impact on the school.

Goals:  As a team, our goal is to win the conference championship, sectional championship, and qualify as many individuals and relays as possible for state.   Each athlete will set individual goals related to time or distance.  Each athlete will work toward improving as the season goes along with their best performances coming in May.

General Information:   A good pair of running shoes is a necessity.  The proper shoes will help prevent injuries and can improve performance slightly.  A good pair of running shoes will last for approximately one season.  All athletes with the exception of throwers should also have a pair of spikes.  Athletes should also dress appropriately for practice.

Practices are mandatory.  All returning athletes not in a winter sport should report to the dome locker room on Jan. 16 to receive lockers.  Beginning on Jan. 16, sprinters and jumpers will practice Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3:15 to 5pm.  Throwers will practice on Tuesday and Thursday and will start on Jan. 18.  Distance runners will practice everyday during the week and will start on Jan. 16.  This schedule will continue for the 1st four weeks of the season.  Beginning on Monday, Feb. 12, the team will meet every Monday through Friday until the end of the season.  Beginning in March, distance will practice on Saturday unless there is a meet on Friday night.  Field event athletes will practice on select Saturdays.  Athletes will not be successful if they do not put in the practice time.  Please plan accordingly.  The only reason to miss practice is illness.  If you are at school, then you should be at practice.  Family vacations are considered unexcused absences if you miss a meet.    Over spring break, we have a varsity meet on Friday and a F/S meet on Monday.  We will practice on Thursday.  You are expected to be present for those meets and practice.  The coaches are putting in their time so the same is expected from the athletes. 

What to do to prepare for 1st day:

Begin running easy on your own and work your way up.  If weather is bad, cross training at the YMCA is a great alternative activity.  Do not wait until Jan. 16 to start working out.  If you are a returning distance runner or jumper, then you should already be working on your winter plan. Open gyms – Dec. 5, 8, 12 from 3:15 to 4:45.

ALL ATHLETES MUST HAVE A CURRENT PHYSICAL BEFORE THEY CAN PRACTICE!  All athletes must also register online before the 1st day.

If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call at school or e-mail me

Coach James               School             632-3507         ext 560



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