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OTHS Athletics-Compete Fiercely, Lead Boldly, Love Strong!

O'Fallon Twp. High School


OTHS Athletics-Compete Fiercely, Lead Boldly, Love Strong!

O'Fallon Twp. High School

OTHS Athletics-Compete Fiercely, Lead Boldly, Love Strong!

O'Fallon Twp. High School

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9 months ago @ 10:15AM

Leadership Recognition- Competing Fiercely,Leading Boldly, Loving Strong!

The Ath Dep with the support of our local US Coast Guard recruiting office would like to congratulate those athletes who were recognized by their peers for upholding the OTHS pillars of: compete fiercely, lead boldly, love strong!






Taylor Broyles


She always goes 100% and Keeps the team up.

Aubrey Mister

G Soccer

She stayed humble and led the team even though she’s younger than most.

Sohpie Bitner

G Soccer

She always stayed positive on and off the field, and lifted girls up.

Dylan Kirchoff

G Golf

She is strong, bold, and positive

Ethan Stien

B Swimming

He competes fiercely and is leading by example.

Alexa Prouhet

G Lacrosse

She is always working hard  even when she isn’t in the game./ She is very coachable and always willing to learn.

Mia Colebrake

G Lacrosse

She always has a positive attitude, extremely optimistic/vocal, brings others up.

James Randolph

B Lacrosse

He is a great leader, pretty new to the sport but works hard every day.

Lindsay Miles

G Tennis

She is always positive and has a great attitude.

Nick Edwards


He is a hard worker and always does the right thing

Alex Tillock


He is a natural leader and very hard working.

Abi Jackson


She has worked hard even when she had medical issues to deal with, she always encourages others

Maddy Varce


She always encourages others and is self-less

McKenna Stiles


She always comes in to practice with a positive attitude and is willing to do anything asked of her.

Haydin Williams


He never losses motivation and his determination is so inspiring.

Vishal Jacobs

B Soccer

Always gives 100%, motivated and motivates others, he does not give up, is passionate, and leaves everything on the field.

Aidan Kiser

B Tennis

he is motivated and gives 100% effort all of the time.

Kevon Davenport

B Tennis

He fought through pain to play and he never gives up.

Jordan Ford


Works his hardest every day at practice.

Tyler Sanford


a great leader and very hard worker.

Harris Dalman

B Volleyball

He needs to get recognized for his hard work and commitment.

Taylor Guy

G Volleyball

Even though she has had some struggles with confidence this year, she really has worked to do her best and her confidence has grown.  She always works hard to get better every day!

Tianna Lovelace

G Basketball

She works hard every open gym/practice.

Deshawn Mosely

B Basketball

Very good leader on the court and in the weight room.

Quinn Harris

B Basketball

He has been a great leader for the underclassman.

Austin Vickery


She came out as a freshman as a starting outfielder for Varsity.  She is looked up to by her peers as a great teammate and friend.

Lindsey hopkins


She has worked so hard in both school and select ball.  You are so strong!




Name Sport Comments
Travis Halverson B Cross Country Even though he is injured, he constantly shows leadership and helps out with the team every day
Garrett Roumpos B Cross Country Despite having setbacks in his athletic career, he gives off a positive vibe as well as working hard to achieve his goals.
Justin McMan B VB He has a passion for the sport and is unselfish.
Graydon Corness Baseball Grayson has always been willing to help younger athletes progress showing great leadership.
TJ Morgan Baseball He shows up every day giving his 100% to get better.
Luke Biehn Baseball He strives to get better every day and leads by example.  He cares about his teammates. 
Chris Porter Basketball Is a great teammate and pushes others to excel, willing to put in the time with his teammates.
Ashton Wells Cheer She is always striving to do her best and she never loses hope or motivation.
Grace Thompson Cheer She is very hardworking and encourages others around her to do better.
Kimberly Davenort Cross Country Kimberly is hardworking, supportive of everyone, and very inclusive.
Beau Carney Football He comes to practice every day wanting to get better, and is a very trustworthy person.
Ryan Bloom  football Ryan is one of the hardest workers on the team.
Ian Wagner Football He has the desire to win every time he steps on the field and has every teammates back.
Clayton Wuebbels football  He is a very hard worker and is always trying to help the team get better.
Kaitlyn Walker G Cross Country  She always has a positive attitude and is a great leader.
Sofia Parker G Cross Country  She is an extremely hard worker and never complains, always has a positive outlook.
Kelly Short G Golf She always brings a positive attitude to golf whether it as practice or a match.
Sophie Koesterer G Golf She always knows how to pick you up when you are down or struggling.
Riley Maher G Lacrosse Riley is committed, reliable, and always there to talk to.
Jes Camp G Lacrosse Jess always give it her 100% effort which is recognized by her teammates.
Olivia Branz G Lacrosse Olivia always brings a positive attitude to the team and builds everyone up.
Amber Germuga G Lacrosse Amber is always willing to voice her opinions and gives others helpful direction.
Jaylaah Meadows G Track She works hard every day to improve her track skills.
Raven Eastern G Track She is dedicated to her work and brings a smile to everyone’s face when she is out on the track.
Kennedy Kriedell Golden Girls She always puts her 100% effort into practices and always has a positive attitude.
Laura Edwards Golden Girls She is a great Captain. She is always prepared and gets the job done.
Josie Nieroda Soccer She always works hard and always at the same level of intensity, whether it is practice or a game.
Paige Mueller Soccer She always stayed positive on defense, even when  we were scored on or down in te game.  She really helped uplift the team.
Miley Brunner Softball She takes on a huge leadership role and is someone that the girls in the program look up to.  She always tries to be the best version of herself.
Rylee Burton Softball She has the ability to show everyone respect and kindness and she displays leadership.
Jack Peterson Swim New to the program, he was willing to work as hard as the vets.  Regardless of the set, he kept up and always put 101% into it.
Taylor Lehman Swim As a freshman he filled a niche on the team that was difficult to fil yet he never complained about it and always pushed through.
Megan Mueller Tennis She works hard every day to improve, always giving it 100%.
John Werner Tennis John is always striving to do his best and never takes a day off with is effort.
Celena Haight Track Celena is always motivated, positive, uplifting, and always gives 100% effort.

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